About us


Duparec Ltd. (which together with Hamburger Hungária Ltd., Dunapack Ltd and SCH-Ózon Ltd. constitutes the Hungarian member of Prinzhorn Group) has been continuously operating and developing since 1994 and has been growing steadily both in terms of quantity or quality . From year to year it is available to its customers with more and more collected waste, high quality services and competitive prices. Now in the field of paper recycling Duparec has reached the most determining position in the market and simultaneously also the plastic material flow shows a strong growth.


SCH-Ózon Ltd. which was founded in 2005, is a well established company in Hungary in the field of collecting and processing of paper for recycling and plastics. On 3 locations, in Maglód, Lőrinci and Inota we take over all kinds of plastic and paper for recycling. The company is with wide range of reliable services, innovative and unique solutions at its partners' service.
SCH-Ózon Ltd. is wholly owned by Hamburger Recycling Group since May 2016. So together with Duparec Ltd. with 5 independent depots we have a very good depot structure to serve our clients in the Hungarian market.


In its daily routine and long term plans, Duparec and SHO-Ózon lay a special emphasis on the separated collection of waste, promoting selective waste collection and minimization of natural resources required for prepation and processing of selective waste.
When choosing the technology and logistic processes necessary for its operation, Duparec and SCH-Ózon make every reasonable effort to use trustworthy, modern and environmental-friendly equipment or vehicles, and develop their services, technologies and environmental output in harmony with environmental aspects.
The Recycling Group’s environmental activities are characterized by excellent experience and relationship. These activities are carried out in the spirit of circular economy and sustainable development.
By reusing the raw material and energy content of waste, Duparec and SCH-Ózon are now major contributors to the replacement of natural resources with waste, and are key players in the development of our national environmental industry.


Duparec Ltd.’s activity is carried out at its headquarter at 1215 Budapest, Duna Street 42. On the premises there is a closed hall (paper baling) of 2,700 m², as well as a 1,700 m² covered hall open on one side (plastic baling) and a sorting hall. In addition, there are various grinding and shredding equipment at our site. To measure incoming wastes, our company has two bridge scales. Sorted paper waste and shredded documents are baled by us and primarily delivered to utilizers. In the period 2015-2016, the site of Csepel has undergone a major modernization, in which we renewed our built facilities, halls and newly installed technology was introduced for both paper and plastic waste streams; 1-1 semi-automatic paper and plastic sorting lines, as well as balers, whose main task is to sort the collected public service waste. As a result of our investments- which total amount was financed by the owner, Hamburger Recycling and the Prinzhorn Group behind it, did not use either EU or government support-, our plastic waste recycling capacity has increased considerably, depending on the shift, we can reach 1000-1500 tons per month. As a result of the full development, we can select the incoming wastes more efficiently. We offer a higher level of service to the public service providers for the sorting and pretreatment of paper and plastic wastes collected selectively in bins or bags. Thanks for the resulting efficient sorting process, we produce an impurity-free, baled recyclable material for further recovery.


We recover valuable raw materials and optimize the value chain for our customers.


We are passionate to serve customers the best recycling, paper and packaging solutions.

Core values

We enjoy contributing to our customers success.

Our innovations serve customer solutions.

We treat each other and our environment with respect.

Our success is based on our team spirit and entrepreneurship.

We promote sustainable development of our employees.